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Boy-with-Buruli-UlcerWe will reduce the impact of disease in Ghana by providing clean water, ways to identify disease early and find ways to prevent disability. We will focus on neglected tropical diseases with the priority being on Buruli Ulcer disease. We have a framework of humanitarian grants from Rotary and our partners that will develop a framework to impact neglected tropical diseases in Ghana and ultimately all over West Africa. We want to raise awareness about the need for better health and safe water to drink.

Bantama-Women-Pumping- optThe partnership of Rotary Clubs, Rotary Districts, and other organizations will partner with Ghana Health Services, District Health Workers, and Community Health Workers to be able to identify disease early and find ways to improve the quality of life by eliminating Buruli Ulcer and other neglected tropical diseases from the communities in Ghana where we serve.  The work we do will be expanded to additional regions of Ghana and finally to the rest of West Africa.  We have key contacts or champions around the world who have helped to make this work possible.

Dipale-Fetch-Point-Water-RunningOur partnership of Rotarians started in 2006 with the dream to drill one well in Africa.  As of 2011, we've raised 287.1 million for clean water projects, medical equipment and supplies. We were actively involved in the eradication of Guinea Worm Disease in Ghana and are eager to do it again against Buruli Ulcer Disease. We raise money from Rotarians in clubs in the USA, Ghana, Canada, and Switzerland.  Most of the funds raised are matched and managed by the Rotary Foundation.  We encourage and support as many partnerships outside of Rotary to build on the strengths of each organization.

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We are a team of Rotarians from over eighty Rotary Clubs in twelve U.S. States, two Canadian Provinces, Switzerland, and Ghana. We are working together to reduce Buruli Ulcer and other neglected tropical diseases. We were involved in the eradication of Guinea Worm Disease! Over eighty Rotary Clubs raised funds to achieve these goals.

The initial goal was to raise money for one well. The team of Rotarians raised over 287.1 million in clean water Rotary humanitarian grants. The contributions raised are usually matched by the Rotary District, the Rotary Foundation, and the Georg Fischer Jubilee Clean Water Foundation. A 0 contribution to the Rotary Matching Grant will turn into 0 when all of the matching funds are considered. We are also partnering with many non-profit and non-governmental organizations to be able to accomplish these goals. Please check out our list of partners on our partners page.


Samuel Obour

Past President of the Sunyani Central Rotary Club. We have grants supporting Sunyani Central Rotary Club in the Brong Ahafo Region, Tamale Rotary Club in the Northern Region, and Bolgatanga Goodwill Rotary Club in the Upper East Region of Ghana.


Walter Hughes, Jr.

District 7570 Grants Chair and Past-President of the Rotary Club of Rocky Mount, VA USA is leading the effort in the USA. Shown dedicating a well in Nabari, Ghana.

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